something just will not pass away

To capture the greatest photo of her, fall in love with her.

Six years ago I met this girl in Shanghai, this fall, unexpectedly we saw each other in Tokyo. I carried her from IBaraki airport in a training day, went a trip to the beautiful Enoshima. Thanks to the fine weather, and of course her being by side, it became my greatest ever Enoshima trip.

All photos was taken by Sony A7 with RAW files and the lens Nikkor 50mm f1.2. I tried to wide open the lens to 1.2 all the time, because the sallow depth of field and neutral soft tone gives the pictures a retro filming style, a feeling of my 6 years memory with you.

Post processing was done with Adobe Lightroom only, uses film simulation present settings. A Fujifilm Superia color style was presented.





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