Enlightened Wristband

I received a pair of wristbands of Enlightened Japan Agent Momon Gasan (Ingress Agent ID: Momongadget), on 2014 Dec 12th. After 4 months’ wearing of the wristbands, I was lucky to get a pair of Mark II wristbands. Before I change into new addition of the wristbands, let me do a review first. I have weared the wristbands everyday from December 12th,…… Continue reading Enlightened Wristband

Darsana Tokyo

2014 December 13th, Ingress’s biggest event in history called ‘Darsana’ was held in Tokyo. It was also my first time to join this kind of big Ingress event. So many experience got, so many friends made, so many beautiful memories impressed. The preworks has been done for the day Darsana held before one month. Pure Green…… Continue reading Darsana Tokyo