SapporoBeer MugitoHop The Glod

In japanese for サッポロ 麦とホップ The gold, does this nice looking beer have a nice taste?

SapporoBeer is the top 4 beer making companies in Japan, has a history from 1876, in 2003 became the company named Sapporo.

Talk about the MugitoHop The Glod. It is the inexpensive rank beer of Sapporo, about 110Jpy per can.

In, the MugitoHop the Gold has a 3.9/5 review score which looks pretty fine. But in my taste, it is just so Light in my mouth, even in a well freezed temperature.

No exciting has been filled when drink the MugitoHop the Glod, I don’t think I will buy it for second time, just not my type.

A 2.5 of 5 star review point by me.

(All pics are taken by Sony A7 with Nikkor 50mm f1.2)

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