Just for enjoying the music stream at home, I bought another speaker today, Sony SRS-BTV5, a bluetooth panorama speaker.


Since it is the 3rd speaker I bought, of course it should own some special points.

First thing first, the price. The SRS-BTV5,  is released on October 2012, yes 2 years ago. The price at that time is 8000JPY, and today it is 4000JPY. Consider about the Japanese Yen Currency, update of the technologies, the reviews on internet, quite a deal isn’t it.

The operation of the small speaker is simple, a power side switch at the bottom side and volume up down keys around the side. Forgot tell the size and weight: 65mm×67.6mm×65mm 135g, just a ball about an iPhone 6’s weight.

On the input ports, a Micro-USB for charging the inner battery, a 3.5mm jacket for input sound signal as well. A fully charged inner battery can work for 5 hours, quite a solid performance I think, though I will alway link a USB cable on it for power supply. Also the 3.5mm sound jacket is almost unnecessary for me, just because I wall hang it in the air and always link the sound stream by bluetooth.

Final part, about the sound quality. Many reviews on internet say the SRS-BTV5 is pretty nice for delivering the sound. A 4.71/5 star is on, 4.3/5 star on, so I should have a confidence on it, right? An unboxed sound quality can prove everything, but SRS-BTV5 did it just fine. And middle area, high area performance is absolutely fantastic, impressed me a lot! Bass is not enough obviously, and no stereo no surround range because of the single speaker design. The resolution is not bad.

It fits pop like Kana Nishino, aiko, just OK with Jazz, poor on Rock, exhaust on concert or classic.

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