Chuo Line & Tama river

Before the coldest winter come to Tokyo, I went a trip to take some photos my lovely trains and also countryside landscape. Remember I did NOT go there for picking up some memory, just train!

Always being exciting with taking the Chuo Line trains, it runs through Tokyo in perfect East-west direction, passes down town, sub business centers, residential area, countryside as well. Chuo Line trains have buttons beside the doors, manually open and close the door in parts of stations, in order to save the Air conditioner energy.

Green is the color of the JR East Japan, the stations of Chuo Line are full of green style. The unique color of Chuo Line is orange-red, 193, 101, 67 in RGB.

Walked about 15 minutes from the station to get to the river side. On the way there, just silent villages and barely saw any people there. In the little temple here, I put a special 5 JPY coin for taking a wish, the same kind of coin has never been seen by me so far.

Take a close look at the little temple. It is a Ksitigarbha Temple, the Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha is believed to protect the weakest people just in time. Babies, elds, lonely traveler will be protected.

The Tama River’s riverside is just magnificent! Reed were growing on the both sides of the narrow river, people was fishing inside the river, the trains were running by the bridge. At the same time, the sun was just shines on the bridge, just like a dream.

About 16:30 of that time, sunset was beautiful. The frequency of the trains were about 2 minutes on both directions. Perfect condition for shooting photos, the only enemy was the time, I was losing the perfect light quickly.

The other side of the view was the beautiful Tama Rvier region. As a background, the Chichibu mountains were. Thanks to the sunset, the sky showed a enjoyable gradual changing.

(There was a C130 in the sky)

Listening to the river water sound, I could not enjoy more.

On the far side, Tama Monorail trains could be seen. Hadn’t taken the Tama Monorail for about one year, what a memory full of here.

Because of losing the sunlight, I changed my lens to Nikkor 50mm f1.2 to get more light. From here, the photo style would change to a little bit dreamly.

Reed could barely seen in city Tokyo, it was elegant, especially in this kind of sunset lighting condition. A full aperture open at f1.2 on this Nikkor old lens, made japanese style just bullseye.

It is ok for me to live a place like this, with my lover, my dog. This is life,which everyone can only have once.

So fast, it was totally dark out there. The stars came out and glancing on the sky. In winter, of course the Orion.

ISO of A7 has been pushed up to 3200, but totally OK with the image quality. The gains of the high ISO which developed by RAW format looks like film, just pleasing. Also dynamic range didn’t seem lose too much.

I stayed there until camera and me could see nothing. However the bridge pier there, everything happened there, I remember it clearly.

Watched some Keio Line trains on the home back home, just could not fall in love with it.

Thanks Japan, thanks trains, thank you. This is my life, I do not regret.

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