TIMBUK2 Classic Messenger Bag

Best Messenger Bag! Absolutely Five Star! I’m Lovin it! TIMBUK2 Classic Messenger Bag(M size). Price is 10,000JPY(85USD, 530RMB)

If you do not know the convenience of an messenger bag, check the movie ‘Premium Rush‘. This kind of bag is perfect for city riding: light, tough, easy to carry, and switch mode.

Timbuk2 is a San Francisco based messenger bag company that was established in San Francisco in 1989 by former bike messenger Rob Honeycutt. Maybe fit for a fix-gear bicycle more than my mountain bike, my it is designed to fit crowded cities, it just works perfect in here, Tokyo.

The biggest change point of the 2014 version Classic Messenger Bag is that the Double-Loop cam buckle. It enables easy fit adjustment while eliminating any excess webbing. It really works, even during the riding, I can adjust the tightness of the strap. And change it to a normal single shoulder bag in one second.

The storage organization is also pretty great. With waterproof materials, the main room is big enough for a city ride. Even a cell for Laptop. My 13 inch MacBookPro just fit in the cell perfectly. Actually the riding feeling with a laptop inside is not too bad.

Internal organizer for pens, phones, and other small stuff, water bottle pocket… none of them is missing in this bag! I have gone some big shopping with this bag, it just can carry everything I feed it! (It can hold the whole box of Canon iVIS HF G20!)

Outer side pocket can carry my iPhone 6, I can get it or put it without undoing the messenger flap. Under the main flap strap, there are two reflection sticks, some additional safety is always a good thing.

The zip here of the outer pocket has a protected cover, nice little design.

Back side of the Classic Messenger Bag is just simple, a handle strap only. The whole shape fits my back perfect!

Overall, the Classic Messenger Bag is comfortable, nice storage, easy to adjust in anytime. It is my best buy in 2014. I strangly recommend it to you!


  1. Thank you for the clear pic of the strap. I was able to attach my strap back on my bag correctly because of your pic!

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