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I went to Taiwan from March 8th to 17th. Round Taiwan by train and stayed in Taipei for 4 days, Kaohsiung for 4 days. All my trip goes to 3 parts: Transport, Food, View. Here I will make a Ranking of my favorite Taiwan foods!

I can literally say that Taiwan is the Paradise of the food. Be famous of Night market, Pearl milk tea, Fried chicken and fresh fruits. This made me to write a post for all the delicious food.

Some of the food I just walked by and had no chance to eat them, since way too many foods are in Taiwan.

Some of the food were too far away to me, I mean I can’t afford to get them, just took a picture and went away.

Of course and some of the foods were too delicious to have time for a shot. I just ate them and enjoyed. Sometimes I took a easy shot with my iPhone just upload to Instagram. So in this post maybe some of the photos will be in Instagram quality.

Let’s start, Cabala’s Taiwan food Ranking:

No.10, Fruits. In even March, Taiwan gets a temperature of about 25 degree. This makes a lot tropical fruits can be eaten all over the year here.

芭樂, Guava. My first time ate this. It tastes like apple+melon, easy to carry, directly to eat.

莲雾, Wax apple. Also my first time, mouthfeel is just like Green pepper but tastes really sweet.

No pictures of the other my love fruits: green mango, pineapple, orange, banana… All fantastic.

No.9, 茶葉蛋 Tea Egg. The convenient stores located all round the city, even country village. The two big companies of them are 7-Eleven and Family Market. Both of them get Tea Egg nearby the checkout counter. Some Chinese convenient stores also has these tea eggs in the store, but Taiwan’s Tea Eggs are perfect!

If this Ranking is about the quantity of food I have ate. The Tea Eggs will at the Top with no debut. I averagely ate 2 Tea Eggs in everyday. Best Tea Eggs even, especially the Family Market’s one.

No.8,  Mambo Thai Restaurant at Kenting. It was strange that there are so many Thai Restaurants at Kenting just loneside the beach. And we picked Mambo.

Thai foods’ sweet and sour just perfectly fit Kenting’s everything. Smelling the sea wind, playing with white sand, then eating some Thai food, here is paradise. Be care, the soup maybe too sour to normal people, however I love it!

No.7, 阿宗米線 AyChung Flour-rice Noodle. The store is at Taipei Ximending market area. The day I ate AyChung Flour-rice Noodle, my health condition was not so good cause by former day’s Alcohol drinking. When even like this, AyChung Flour-rice Noodle impressed me totally. A little bit spicy and a great combine with sour soup, the noodles are nice.

The interesting thing is, AyChung Flour-rice Noodle only allows take-out. This means you can only take a small bowl and stand by the store to finish the noodles. Extra spices can be found just by the store.

No.6, 台南蚵仔煎 Tainan Oyster Omelets. A food can be barely seen outside Taiwan, a flour wrap with oyster inside and covers with sweet soup. A nicely smell of seafood but with no badly fishy smell.

The 2 big stores of Oyster Omelets in Tainan city are Zhou’s and Chen’s. We chose Chen’s, tasty and refreshing, best choice for a lunch.

No.5, 高雄肉圓 Kaohsiung meatballs. This is not only the meatballs, but also the 四神湯 Four Gods Soup and 魚丸湯 Fishball Soup course.

The Meatballs Store is near 國立中山大學 National Sun Yat-sen University, many students come here to have a lunch, a typical civilian food. The manager’s father came from Wenzhou, China and the manager has done meatballs for 30 years.

No.4, 許仔豬腳湯 Xu’s Pig Feet Soup. The store located at west side of Taipei City, inside residential area, obviously a civilian food. I wanted to eat Pig Feet Soup for a long period. But the Xu’s Pig Feet Soup just beyond my imagination of delicious.

Taiwan’s Pig Feet Soup covers Ginger wire, makes the soup even more fresh to drink, no greasy feeling at all!

No.3 高雄牛肉 Kaohsiung Beef.It looks normal,  Beef is beef, right? But the soft and tender of the beef was incredible! I had never ate a beef like this, the mouth feeling was like Magic!

This store is only for beef, beef soup and beef frying. The beef inside the soup was just heat up by boiling soup, the purely taste of the original beef. In addition, the beef came from Taichung, and Taxi here everyday without freezing.

No.2, 咸酥雞 Salt Fried Chicken.  The King of the Night Market is absolutely Salt Fried Chicken! I can not forget the smell of the chicken even right now. The spiced salt covers just in perfect ratio, the oil fries the chicken pieces into dry and brittle style. Both mouth feeling and taste were just ideal.

Not only chicken, the Salt Fried Chicken store also fries potato, tofu, mushroom, viscerals, sausage. Pick up whatever you want and the price is very low. If spicy is wanted do not forget to ask for a spicy bag.

No.1, 喫飯食堂 Sit-fun Taiwan Restaurant. A typical Taiwan style Restaurant, a Taipeiese brought me here. 紅燒豬蹄 Braised trotters, 醃筍乾 Pickled bamboo, 蛤蜊湯 Clam soup was ordered. Braised trotters was very very nice, different from Shanghai style Braised trotters and felt fresh to eat this fat. Clam soup is great and did not let me down, the taste was just right! Pickled bamboo is the one impressed me, I used to hate bamboo, because of its badly smell. However the Pickled bamboo here is just only perfect!

A lot of this kind of restaurants at Taipei City, I believe that many of them are delicious, and lucky Uncle Ben, the nice Taipeiese just chose this right one. Unforgettable delicious memory at Taiwan.


Besides the ranking of food I love in Taiwan, of course the other kinds of nice food are in Taiwan.

Paper pack Donuts, it’s my first time saw this kind of package.

花生豬肉 Pork peanuts, at an 熱炒店 Stir shop Kaohsiung. The beer girl in this restaurant is pretty!

Japanese beer makers are popular in Taiwan, but with beers can’t be seen in Japan. However I love Taiwan Beer and 18 day beer!

The Night Market is a Culture Symbol of Taiwan, all kinds of foods come to Night market together, like a party. I prefer Kaohsiung night market to Taipei’s, the people are more warm in Kaohsiung maybe.


The Grilled trotters was claimed within Germany style. Taste brittle outside and soft inside, Juicy!

Switch to Taipei Night Market, the taste is Great, however lack of a party atmosphere here in my opinion.

A cafe of my friend’s friend. Very cute decorative and inside an old building. Taipei’s Cafe can really calm me down. Talking to friends here, even get a 水餃 Dumpling.

鳳梨酥 Pineapple cake, the Symbol of Taipei dessert, a perfect combine with green tee. Enjoy an sunny warm afternoon with this.

My last dinner in Taiwan, 麻辣鍋 Hot pot, but it totally let me down. The 酸菜鍋 Sauerkraut pot was too weak, the 麻辣鍋 spicy pot tasted too close to Instant noodle’s soup. The service was horribly good, as a conclusion, maybe the citizen style restaurant fit me more.

Overall, I miss Taiwan Food, I love Taiwan Food.

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