Mount Fuji

By the chance of my cousin took a trip to Japan, we took a two day travel to the symbol of Japan, Mount Fuji to face its magnificence.

From Tokyo city, Mount Fuji can be seen on a high building like the Bunkyo Civic center in a good weather condition. The distance from Tokyo downtown to the Mount Fiji is about 100km.

But it takes about 3 hours by train to get under the Mount Fuji. Actually the nearest train station is still 15km away from the mountain. However Mount Fuji looks pretty huge just from the station called Mount Fuji.

Although the time was long to take a train there, by the way we chose bus to go back to Tokyo, it was quite fun of taking a train. The logo of the train company is Mount Fuji, on the left window side people can see the Mount Fuji, and even the train driver slows the train down to let you get a perfect shot from the window.

Without checkin to the hotel we have booked on the internet. Since the sunlight of March the early spring is such a precious, we decided to walk around the Kawaguchi Lake first to take some daytime shots as well as to find good spot for nighttime.


Not many people there, maybe because the transport system can only carry them to several spots. We could take pure beautiful photos as we could imagine. The temperature is perfect thanks to the warm sunlight, though the Sakura did not bloomed yet.

Then we went to hotel for a checkin, release some of the packages, ate the most famous food called Yudon, which is a kind of thick noodle with local vegetables. The only word I could say is: Awful!

However when we went bake to the lakeside, the sun was already set, though a little Mie scattering covered on the mountains. So we sit by the riverside and waited for the totally darkness.

When the darkness fail and the stars got out, Kawasaki Lake and Mount Fuji turned into another world. The Mount Fuji stand there just like a god, so amazing and so sacred.

Lying on the lakeside and watching the whole sky with Mount Fuji, the sense really moved me so much. I wish I could have a fisheye lens, and share the Celestial sphere, but saw this with my own eye was also happy enough.

The pure natural environment alone side the Kawaguchi Lake and Mount Fuji is absolutely amazing. However the lack of well transportation and cultural history spots makes this area a little of boring.

Overall Mount Fuji area lists on my second rank of recommended travel spot in Japan.

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