Too much pressure on my job hunting, a kind of self relaxing is really needed, so I picked up a free wednesday to go a test camping.

When I am talking about the words TEST here, it included so many things.

First, I didn’t update my post for a while not only because I am busy and lazy. But also because Google just released the New Google Photos, which can Free Unlimited upload photos size up to 16 MegaPixels. This post’s photos are taken with Sony A7 and iPhone 6, all using the new Google Photos’ function. But the upload method on the Computer side has not been clear yet.

Second, if you can see the Panorama photo above, this is a success. Google Maps Views let me take and share the Street-view like Panorama photos just with my iPhone 6. And by linking several GPSed photos together, I can even make by own street view. Anyway, the software works a little uncool with iPhone 6, more test is needed.
Third, is the camping itself. Since all my possible friends were busy this day, and it was the only sunny day in this raining season, I decided to go alone. The Tent is Eureka Midori 2, yes just by the name it can contain 2 people, a little bit too big room for me only, even with my bag and stuffs.
To make the one person camping not too lonely, the Barbecue helped me. Charcoal, fork, lighter, water, chickens… all have been brought from the big supermarket about 10mins bike riding. Luckily I also got bricks not so far way my campsite.
The difficulty of making a fire is unbelievably beyond my mind, I tried about 30mins to make the charcoal to catch fire. Now I know the point to do this: keep air floud and cut the charcoal into small pieces. The only flavoring I got was the spiced salt, however it made the chicken wings delicious enough for me to eat them all.
Just as the weather report, a nice day on day 2. My campsite was just located on the seaside cliff. The ground is sand, soft, wet but drains fast. The biggest problem was the wet air from the sea and the wet sand all over me.
To make myself dry and clean, I have to reset the tent into the sunlight area to dry the dew. But as a side effect, a lots of insects in the grass area, unfortunately the bright green colored tent was just their favorite.
As an exploration of the nearby, I went to a village 5KM away, and found some really nice seaside points for camping.
The most famous viewpoint at that area, the huge Kannon statue of Tokyo bay it is. I went there and it need a ticket for 500JPY, no need to get into, so just a visit.
Overall, A not bad camping alone. I forgot the Mats so the night was cold. I ride the bike over speed on most of the journey, I finally got a police ticket for illegal turning just before I reached home, what a shame!
FYI: all Sony A7 photos’ size: 4800 x 3200, iPhone 6 photos’ size: 3200 x 2400. Let me know if you feel much slower than previous posts.

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