Tama River Exploring

Just went back from Tama River, again. No special reason, maybe to find some campsites. I planed to take some starry night photos, but too cloudy to shoot, even a little rain came later I went back.

The water level of the Tama River still went higher than my thought. The day, water level was at 4.3m, you can see the water surface was just up to the bridge pier, anyway I wish that the pier could be dry. So I think the best timing to go again for camping is to wait the water level goes below 4.0m.

Talking about the photos this time, all taken by Sony A7, wide angle shot with FE 28-70mm kit lens, this food shot was taken by 50mm f1.2 Nikkor lens. Links of the photos are using Google Photos, size up to 16 MegaPixel, so I used 4800✕3200, to get a 15.4MP and a nice number. Post processing was all in Lightroom, new Film-look filter was tested. You can see 2 style film effects, a warmer one for simulating the Fuji Superia, a cooler one for Fuji RTP.

Not many photos this time, just because my real exploring must go cross a small river and had to put any thing down by side. Next time wish I can pick up a good day and shoot the night sky.

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