Sumida river Fireworks 2015

2015,  my third year in Japan, my third year I has been to Sumida River Fireworks festival. Rode a bike, found a new place, relaxed and enjoyed the shooting.

Since it was already the third time I went to watch the biggest fireworks festival downtown, Tokyo. And all the experience of it was located on Asakusa, which just under the launch spot, which crowds gathered together made the photo shooting and relaxing hood mission impossible. This year, by searching the google earth, found a nice balanced spot between distance and crowds.

I was not ready to watch the fireworks, just a quick decision I have made. Picked up my lovely bike and reached the spot just before the starting time, 19:00.

However the spot had some obviously bad points, the fireworks all flied at the same area. So as a result, my photos just all looks the same. Sorry for no exciting shots.

I tried, I changed lens into 50mm f1.2 bright Nikkor for 1/3 of the time, for bokeh effect. This old lens surely delivered a special look under this condition.

Anyway, at one second, it just happened for one second I swear, I took this amazing red sky shot. At that moment, I knew that this would be my 2015 year’s shot.

A video was shot for environment introducing, for more memory.

At last, the spot was nice, but I think there will be nicer spots, I will find more next year maybe. The camera, Sony A7, amazing dynamic range performance really impressed me, high ISO is OK. Only wish, better video functions I want. 2015 end, we will see.

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