Mora Knife Companion

Since I go camping sometimes, I need a reliable Knife, at least more reliable than my swiss knife. So I went Amazon and picked up the most popular Mora Knife.

There are basically two type of Mora knife, from its blade, carbon steel and stainless steel. Talk about the good and bad of the materials, carbon steel is sharper, harder, easy to sharpen, but easy to rust, easy to blunt. Stainless steel needs less maintenance, but with less cutting capacity.

Than talk about the handle, as a not big knife, the handle is just to shin to me. I am not confidence  enough when I am gaping it. However, a thumb holder as well as the round shape make the knife comfortable to hold and will not hurt myself.

The Mora knife came with a case, very lovely one, easily buckle to the belt and carry the knife everywhere. There is a little hole at the end of the case to drain the water out.

The length ratio of the knife is a bit too short to me. I would like a stronger longer knife, which can cut the tall brush to make a clean space for me. But the Mora just con not. The blade is not sharp and hard enough, its blade hurts even I was just cutting some pig bones. Although this knife is perfect for fish cleaning or simple handcrafts.

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