Fukushima 2016


Fukushima is the very first place I went to Japan. In 2012, just after the big earth-quick, I came to Fukushima, now 4 years later, here again.


This year, said good-bye to long student life and became a employee. My life has turned more stable to stay in Japan. Also, a used car, Volks-Wagon Polo I have brought. Absolutely, I drove the polo to Fukushima, but alone.


Surprising to see that a lot of these kind of radiator sensor in Fukushima City. A strange feeling still goes around the city, let you can not forget what happened 5 years ago.


Fukushima city is surrounded by mountains, makes it a basin. 280,000 is the population and the size is just nice for living. However, the import to the city looks unfriendly, the gasoline price is about 20% higher than normal, that is heavy.



Just an hour’s drive to north side of the city, Mt. Azuma, a living volcano stands. all nature spa is famous here, even you can smell Sulfur in the air.


At the same place, you can see swamp, forest, lake, volcano. The mother nature is magnificent, and few tourist makes here a perfect place for a relaxing walking.


What, wait, maybe not so perfect for walking.


Climbing to the volcano crater is also a good idea. Because of the no vegetation cover of the top. The view is surely glorious there.



The climbing way is well paved, not so hard to reach the top.


When you get to the top, you can see a lot of these rock towers. I guess they are the alarm of the awake of the volcano. If they falls, people run, must be this.



You can also climb further to the opposite side of the volcano crater, anyway too tired to me.


The other stop was Mt. Bandai, the boss mountain of Fukushima.


The hotel I stayed in Fukushima 4 years ago, but in water. It was my first time to see the summer view of the place. And I have to stay here one more time I promise.


The 4th biggest lake in Japan, Inawashiro. The birds comes here every years’ winter, and the mountain become sky-lanes, maybe the best season to visit Fukushima. But I need a pair of snow tyre.

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