Urawa Reds vs FC Tokyo

Saitama Stadium 2002 is one of the stadiums built for 2002 World Cup, and I had played a lot Winning Eleven game in this stadium. Today, it was my first time to get into this great palace and feel the match with my own body.

Our spot was near Home side left corner, and since the stadium is built only for football, no athletic course, the distance to the player was amazingly close.

By using my 28-70mm kit lens on A7 camera, it was almost enough for any shots. But, the low angle of view let it hard to understand the true distance to the ball when it was in the far side, even with my eye.

So I was thinking that maybe a second floor seat can see the match more macro, more like a TV live. But it was deadly exciting to watch the player moves in such a near spot.

This year, Urawa Reds, our Saitama’s team was very strong, it keeps league No.1 in this moment, and so was this match. Already 2:0 in the first half and an additional penalty kick to get a 3:0 as the final score.

The fans were so crazy too, the stadium became a red ocean, the atmosphere is burning as a fire. Being inside the stadium during the match I could clearly feel the force of the cheer, I could feel the fever of the football fans.

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