End of Rainy Season

It was my first East Asian rainy season in Japan. In Shanghai, there is also a rainy season between Spring and Summer, so guess I have no problem with it.

However almost everyday’s rain can destroy any photo chance. July, finally, the rainy season ended, just carry the Ricoh GR camera, shoot some pics when walking around.

Just went by mood, rided the bicycle to see the sea. On the riding way, a beautiful fountain park was found! Really hard to shoot in such a low light situation with a no optical shake reduce system camera.

Fortunately we got a in lens leaf shutter and a wide angle 28mm view. Hit the LCD screen on my nose and nearly half of the photos are ok for post production by a 1/10 shutter speed like this.

By the further familiar with the camera, in more situation I can figure out what I will get on my computer screen. Some creative shots can be done.

Big, Huge theater! Only saw this on a TV before, and found it this time. Too big to shoot a whole building and just a word: Magnificent!!!

After 30 minutes’ riding from the University, reached the sea side. Here actually is a ship terminal, the sea wind blowed to face and I can smell the Tokyo City.

A lot of great spot for night shoot, but that day I didn’t carry a tripod. So finding the position to stand the camera was my business.  Here is the rainbow bridge on a pool.

When nowhere to put the camera, just hand held and try several shoots. A famous spot can watch the rainbow bridge as well as a Landmark which can rotation by the wind.

Since it is a harbor here, a ship, only one that day was stopped by. Shiny under the dark night.

These days a new message bag was brought to get comfort riding feeling, Timbuck2 2014 Classic. As a result, easy to carry the camera with me everyday. Happy for making the decision of brought the Ricoh GR, so enjoy it!


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