Missing U

The speed is literally fast when I just got my lovely Ricoh GR and now she has gone. A beautiful girl asked me to borrow her the GR, and I just could not say No. I love almost every bit of GR, for its elegant outlooking, the handling fit my hand, APS-C sized sensor. Maybe, my…… Continue reading Missing U


Just beside my part-time job supermarket, a temple famous for healthing has held a big dance party call 盆踊り. In japanese means dancing for dead people. This may sounds a little bit crazy, however nowadays the performance has totally became a happy party for people live around. The youngs came out and enjoyed the performance,…… Continue reading 鬼子母神盆踊り

End of Rainy Season

It was my first East Asian rainy season in Japan. In Shanghai, there is also a rainy season between Spring and Summer, so guess I have no problem with it. However almost everyday’s rain can destroy any photo chance. July, finally, the rainy season ended, just carry the Ricoh GR camera, shoot some pics when walking around.…… Continue reading End of Rainy Season

Ricoh GR

Since I began my part-time-job in Tokyo, some money could be free for buying some stuffs. The camera system I own is M43, Micro Four-Thirds, which the body is Panasonic Lumix GH2, lenses are Pana Lumix 14-140mm f4-5.6, Olympus Zuiko 45mm f1.8. No critic about M43 system, it is well-performance curry-friendly and cheap. But something…… Continue reading Ricoh GR

GR1 Japan 2012

今天突然之间有个2012访日团的同组成员问我要当年的照片,我很吃惊。 不过既然人家诚心诚意的问了,我这里也没有发布过,我就大发慈悲的发一下吧。 先说说去日本的相机配置:索尼NEX5+ 16mm镜头+鱼眼转接镜,理光GR1,奥林巴斯OM-1+ 50mm f1.4+ 28mm f2.8。 这里只放后两台胶卷机拍摄的照片,为了区分,先全部放GR1拍摄的照片。 关于我的这台GR1的介绍请移步这里。胶卷有富士400,柯达200,桑尼200,记不清了。。。 出发的飞机,第一次坐JAL。 到达成田,这是我们坐的飞机。 地铁改札口。 光头指指点点找线路。 池袋站出来就是DOCOMO的AKB48学割广告。 乘坐大巴去福岛县。 各式各样的自动贩卖机。 福岛宾馆15楼外景。 宾馆的另一侧是滑雪场。 宾馆楼下的停车场。 会津大学的食堂餐。 会津若松城(鹤城)(黑川城)。 郡山市的街道。 给临时住宅内的避难民众包饺子。 宾馆内泡温泉前的自拍。 猪苗代湖的天鹅与野鸭。 第四小分队的合影。 喂面包的麻酱。。。 天鹅船。(从这里开始GR1机背开始漏光….) 会津若松城(鹤城)(黑川城)下的稻荷神社。 会津若松城(鹤城)(黑川城)下的稻荷神社门口。 继续麻酱。。。。 宾馆内的第一餐。 会见鸠山由纪夫。 国会议事堂门前的守卫。 日比谷公园。 新宿街道上的SKE48车。 坐错车去了原宿。。。。 帮我买了正确车票的少年与山手线。 新宿的电器街。 新宿的小街道。 新宿中古相机店。 新宿小吃街。 山手线新宿站内。 山手线新宿站台。 最爱山手线。 涉谷,有日本胶卷摄影者在旁边拍摄。 品川站外,新干线驶过。 远眺彩虹桥。 为了看彩虹桥去了品川。 无印良品有乐町。 无印良品门口,远处的新干线。 银座很有银座的感觉。 600JPY的拉面。 占领整个车厢。…… Continue reading GR1 Japan 2012