Missing U

The speed is literally fast when I just got my lovely Ricoh GR and now she has gone.

A beautiful girl asked me to borrow her the GR, and I just could not say No.

I love almost every bit of GR, for its elegant outlooking, the handling fit my hand, APS-C sized sensor.

Maybe, my emotion just hide the shortness of GR, it focus so slow and feels unreliable (actually the accuracy is fine)

Like this upper photo, the Dynamic Range performance just magnificent.

Thanks to 2nomae, found a great place near the Tokyo Station for viewing the Building and also my Trains.

Handheld is alright with this un-VR lens, held the breath and stay silent for just one second and you got the shot.

 The best part of GR, is that it is a pocket camera. EDC, Every Day Carry! Perhaps not directly take from the true pocket, but occupy a little place in my bag really doesn’t mind anything.

Missing you, we got a short time in Tokyo, but I like you, see you there again.

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