Sony A7

It came just like I’ve hoped.

Finally, I got my Full Frame Camera, no more complain about the camera body (probably).

So after the 18th Typhoon at the daytime, I carried the camera and catched some test shoots just before the sunset.

Okay, so why the final choice for me is the Sony A7, buy the way, it came with the kit-lens which is 28-70mm f3.5-5.6, seems a rubbish.

Obviously, the price is a big deal. Almost a brand new, even mint, kit lens set, is for 128000JPY, as today’s currency, 7000RMB, 1150USD.

And the reviews from DxOMark is pretty high, with a Overall Score 90, much higher than Canon EOS 6D’s 82 and nearly reached Nikon D600’s 94. I knew the Nikons’ scores are the top of the map, but my middle finger just can’t fit in their bodys, even D800, D4.

Literary, Sony E-Mount can attach all kinds of the adaptors which can be used to shot with any lenses (not MFT sadly) .

Today’s shoots was just a short walk around my home, filled with trains, I love them. And the most beautiful spot in Tokyo I think is here, no kidding.

Another neat point of the Sony A7 camera is that it has Wi-fi builded into the body. Get a quick instagram upload when during the trip, surely not a problem.

But the awful side of the Sony E-Mount cameras, is that they do not have many native lenses choice. For a Full Frame E-Mount camera, a cheap 28-70mm rubbish, a not so good pricy Zeiss 24-70mm f4.0, a 35mm f2.8 realy slow one, a 55mm f1.8 big and not quick enough I think, and a 70-200mm f4.0 nice-looking but expensive lens, that is all.

So, since the 28-70mm fit lens not performance so far away the 24-70mm Zeiss, but 1/3 the price, I bought it all together with the Body. The first thing I find today is that the Zoom Ring works the count direction of Olympus, Panasonic and Canon lenses which I familiar with.

Really gotta hate this anti-humanity design, I wasted 0.5 second per shoot to remain myself which way is right to zoom the lens.

Next point I am not satisfied is the OSS, Optical Steady Shot, of this lens. Normally the optical anti handshake system of a lens can proof a 3 EV equal slower shutter speed. But this one, 28-70mm, I am not with so much confidence, may a 1 stop is alright, but 2,3 stopes, not sure about it.

The Ergonomics, the feeling in my hand, not so well but not bad, Grip is too small of course. Hope I could get a additional grip on it one day. The Dials are hard to turn, the shutter button is soft and no feeling for 2-step push. The LCD – Viewfinder can not switch by manually, ridiculous!

But I need a kind of smaller body camera with a EVF, Electronic View Finder. Yes, I just can’t step back to Optical Viewfinders, though they are classic. However, an EVF, so many informations can be display, which I see is what I will get, almostly.

Alright, time to talk about the Sweet points. The image quality is astonishing! Auto ISO setting for 3200, not have to worry about too much noise.

You can get usable images from the setting of ISO 6400, which is the default Auto ISO limit of this camera. But for the post producing, a lot of hard push can be expected. ISO 3200 is which I can afford.

You can see quite a few annoying noise, especially on the dark part of the image, but look at the dynamic range of the skyline, so many details from the light sky straight to the dark houses.

So many years of playing the cameras, this time, I got my Full Frame. Thanks to Sony, to bring a Full Frame camera being affordable to me. And carrying the camera in my bag as often as possible. More shoots will be uploaded here.



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