CEATEC is stand for Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies, a Consumer Electronics Show. Maybe not directly for popular user, but combine a lot of advantaged technologies.

This time with my research mates, four peoples went to the show together. All photo was taken with Sony A7 + 28-70mm kit lens.

The show is located in Makuhari, Chiba. It takes us about 1 hour to go there by JR line Keiyo train.

Having bigger site than the Tokyo Bic Center, the Makuhari Messe often holds show as motor shows, tech shows or trade market. In below, I will just show some products photos and add some simple words.

Thermal Print for 600 DPI (Dots per inch), left side sky is printed in normal 200 DPI, the tower and right side sky is 600 DPI. in fact the tower is printed of little alphabites.

See-the-Wind sensor, each square’s left bottom side is a wind sensor, and center LED can lighten and darken by the wind strength.

TOF (Time-of-flight) distance sensor in the middle of the drum gaming machine.

Toyota T-Connect vehicle. A car is able to connect to your smartphone, and takes Apps, like this.

Mitsubishi paper shaped OLED light. Create a soft light source.

Several pieces of OLEDs can be modified to all kinds of lights.

Pioneer corner of DJ audio-pad, just a products show.

Sign language robot, Aiko, made by Toshiba. Really a star in the show ground. Human-like everything by hydronic control.

Green agriculture, just water and light is necessary for the lettuce.

3D printing, not a topic this time for just not fresh enough.

No.1 star of the CEATEC! OMRON Table-Tennis Robot. Sensors are cameras, 3 legs drive. Fast, accurate, quiet. It is really is Monster.

First real touch of the Epson electronic ink watch. Saw it on Seto Koji video.

Qi wireless charging system. Herhapes the world stand for wireless charging. But I am just not a fan of the Logo..

Qi standed House. All no cable, really a nice future life can be imagined.

Mitsubishi 4K TV, more color range. In CEATEC 2014, many manufacturers show their 4K TVs, Panasonic for 4K sharpen technology, NHK for multi-info display and so on.

Japan is ready for 5G? Not now I think, NTT shows some 5G Link samples, but no real phone or product has been showed.

Huawei offers a big site of the show, but all products, no technologies. All with android Tablet and Smartphones, good but not excellent.

 8K TV made by Sharp, the reality of display offers more than the real world. It is a future tech, but now, step by step, let’s get a 4K.

 Sharp IGZO display, for color range upgrade.

Like Leica for Pana, like Zeiss for Sony, now Ricoh GR began their brand selling. Making image quality certification for some smartphones. I tested it, quality maybe not bad, but the speed is so poor.

A pocket high performance camera which I am very interested in is the Panasonic LX100.

The release date of LX100 in japan is almost December, happy to see the real body of LX100 in CEATEC and with a firmware 1.0.

The handheld feeling is wonderful by this camera, and dials and buttons are just in the right places. Although finally I can’t find the shooting model changing function.. and jamed in Movie mode. Also some troubles with adjustment of parameters, strange bugs.

Nice to attend CEATEC this year, and it will be held every year. The showground is look like this.

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