Sony A7 #2

The review of my Sony A7 goes on.

After a week of using the camera set, I would talk about some points.

The first period of photos are taken in place of Sugamo, Toshima. The nice name of here is ‘the grandma’s paradise’, for a lot of old man goods and a famous temple which can wishing for healthing.

As always, All the photos are taken in format RAW and transfer in format DNG by Adobe LightRoom, do some post adjustments and finally expert into jpeg. The color space of A7 camera body is set to sRGB, final jpegs are sRGB.

The original color style of the camera is steady, which is very very good. However, after my post adjustments, the color means to be a little bit too light, too aggressive. I will try to find the balance point of the color in the future.

Another point I can’t miss is that no-shake photos are really hard to be taken. For example, the upper photo is taken under 1/60 second 40mm focal length. Literally, this is a safety shutter speed, and I was quite steady when took this photo. But the final result is pretty shaky.

For image dynamic range, not problem, top class performance in the camera lines in the world. The sky color and golden sunlight shining on the building, absolutely fantastic.

Night shot at the time of lunar eclipse, sorry of not showing the eclipse itself. But look at the light to shadow transportation, under ISO 100, didn’t let me down.

As verdict, on image quality side, I almost can not complain anything. But on the performance stability, I have a long way to fit it. Especially for anti shake image stabilization, focus accuracy and color porst adjustment.

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