deuter FUTURA 32

I need a backpack, has these features: 1, enough size for one day outside sleeping. 2, storage for my A7 camera set. 3, can carry into flight with me. 4, comfort for long-time walking.

As a result, deuter FUTURA 32 has been selected. At a price tag of 16,000JPY(135DSD, 850RMB)

By the way, FUTURA is a type font designed by german designer Paul Renner in 1927. The font delivers power and sharp feeling. I used the FUTURA font on the top picture.

Since the beginning of my last spring vacation, I am counting on go some trips. Maybe snowboard trips on Feb. 28th and Mar. 16th, and a ingress Anomaly at Kyoto on Mar. 2rd. The features’ priority rank from 1 to 4.

Before the buying, two candidates are on my list. This deuter FUTURA 32 and Gregory Z40. Deuter is a german maker founded in 1898, famous for its sport packs, bags, for hiking, trekking, snow sports, and deuter has a nice selling arrangement in Japan. On the other hand, Gregory is from America and founded in 1977, also focuses on packs for hiking, trekking.

Both deuter and Gregory has a Air-passing back suspension system. Many makers start to make this kind of back area half open design. Obviously this kind of backpack system is good for long-time hiking and easy to design the overall bag position on a man. Short side is also clear, less room for the bag storage.

Get a close look at the back side suspension system of FUTURA 32, besides the hard net, on the bag side there is a X-bone. Deuter says the X-bone is made by Spring steel. I’ve tried a short bicycle riding with this pack, the air ventilation is really great! Comfort and dry my back was.

Introducing the storages of the deuter FUTURA 32. On the top, a zipped internal pocket for valuables, like a wallet or passport. It is quite small, even cword only with a iPhone 6 inside.

Outer side of the Top, also a typical zipped pocket, a little bigger than the internal pocket. I could put my lenses in it, or some high frequency used items, portable battery maybe.

The main storage room has a compartment for paper works or laptop. It works with my 13 inch MacBookPro but since the back side of the pack is curve, I will not put a laptop into it unless I have to.

beside the compartment, also not very big room for storage, just ok to my National Geographic camera bag. If I need to carry a tent, a sleep pad, a sleep bag, I have no idea how to arrange them.

By the way, on the most back of the main storage, more inside of the compartment, you can find the spring steel sticks of the bag, and it looks like replaceable. I do not understand the design of a single compartment for them and the replaceable design. Is it just a showoff?

The bottom of FUTURA 32 is another separate room, however an inner zip makes it possible to build a single big room of the bag. I love this design, the bottom room is just the size of my camera bag. Although the shocks from bottom side are frequently, a rain cover is under it for extra protection.

Beautiful colored zip for the rain cover, this kind of little design made me falling love with it.

Sadly the rain cover is blue, as an Enlightened member of ingress, I wish it could be green, but anyway. The rain cover is beautifully designed, it can separate from the body of the bag, work as a rain cap for anything. I’ve got a Lowepro camera bag with a rain cover, and it could not separate from the bag really make it annoying. I can even take it off for a trip for extra light weight.

Side pockets are nice arranged but really small. On the hip belt there is one pocket on the right side. Yes, only on right side! What a showoff design I love it.

Summary: I love the slim-tall overall shape of deuter FUTURA 32. I fat-round shape of Gregory is not my style. The little designs are really pleasing, and makes it a artwork. A separate room offers me a place for my camera stuff. Tensioned mesh back allows ventilation and a comfort feeling.

The only minus is the Storage. 32 litre storage capability seems not enough for a camping trip.

(Gregory Z40 seems having a 40 litre storage room, but the actual room is not big at all)

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