Tama River Camping

It was the hottest days in Tokyo this summer, also the river water height went to the lowest number. No reason for not go camping on the riverside, since several times on Tama river exploring has been done. This time I chose to stand a tent and sleep for one night.

As everytime I did, the BBQ is just a part of my camping. Thanks to close supermarket, the delicious and easy to cook food needed only about 30 minutes to get ready. The hard part was to make a fire with the charcoal. I tried newspapers, Zippo oil, and finally the big free magazines save my ass. I wish recommend to you all, however it is a little immoral.

I woke at 6 in the morning, the warm sunlight fill into my tent, because of no rain coat on it. Experienced a  horrible swimming after the BBQ, I almost drowned in the river. So, a night summing without fully gearup is surely no good. The air was wet, like the sea side, dew covered my tent beautifully,

The campsite I chose was a dried riverbed, it will became a small river under a heavy rain situation I can imagine that. The good point to use these kind of dried riverbed is its clean and open area, not so many insects. The bad point is if the weather changed unexpectedly, there will be a dangerous. So confirm the reliable weather report, and here is just fine.

Tama river here is called as Cattle terrain, the reason can easily been seen on the picture above. As I said, I tried a swimming at midnight, with nothing even cloths. I highly do no recommend this kind of crazy behavior. But exciting things was all I wanted. The no moon night without my glasses, only horrible.

The water was pretty clean in Tama river, it is used as city water in a part of Tokyo. Daytime walking around side the river was really a joy. The flowing looks clam but under the surface, who knows the true speed of it.

Of course, I went to the spot by my little bike, is was stopped by a small river just near the campsite. Riding, camping, BBQ, swimming, what else can I ask for!



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