Apple TV unboxing


By building the home media system of my friend @reesac, he chose to buy a apple TV as his media core. So I got a chance to unbox the new Apple TV.


Remove the plastic film, lift the paper made cap, the layout of Apple TV box is simple and beautiful. Main body on the left and the remote controller on the right. Outer ring of the package is in black and white inside, all well made by paper.


Look at the apple TV itself on the left, the body is all plastic, the top is matte black, reflective black around. And the remote controller is matte black on the front, but a metal finish on the back, like a old iPhone 3GS.


All the parts in the package here, beside the above, a lightened cable is always welcome since all apple products nowadays use it. The power cord has a length of 1.5m, a fine length in my opinion. And of course a simple manual with a apple mark sticker.


The ports on the back on apple TV from left:  power port (AC-DC transformer build-in), USB-C yes the newest one, HDMI 1.4 port, 10/100 Ethernet port nothing special. Inside, about the wireless capability, Bluetooth 4.0 and 802.11ac Wi‑Fi are available.


After a real link, the apple TV shows the feeling of its size. The screen beside is a 24 inch narrow border LCD. The speaker, which I have reviewed once on the left is Harman Kardon Arura, the big boy. As the result, not a trouble at all on the table, and surely unnecessary to put it on the table since no button on it to push.


The control by the delicate remote controller is a little difficult at the first. The upper half is a multi-touch screen made by matte glass. The official name of it is Siri Remote, because of the voice control by Siri. Inside, accelerometer and gyroscope sensors. And the link to the apple TV body is by using the Bluetooth, not IR, so never have to worry about getting your remote in perfect line of sight. By the way, the power on and off of the apple TV are all by the controller.DSC01523

Finally, iPhone can link to apple TV, as a second game controller when playing the game, or just AirPlay the iPhone screen onto the big TV. The quality of the original iPhone is going to lose a bit especially on the horizontal model, but the lag is totally acceptable.

Since this is only a unboxing post, all the functional test will be done later. How can I say to the industrial design and manufacturing standards of this new apple product, perfect!

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