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image test google8

Only a test of image posting of my site.

I love this wordpress theme and I was using link images from Google Photos into posts to show all my photos. However, there are several problems of this link style images.


I believe that almost all the places in the world will visit google faster than my sever, my Ping to google is only 5 ms and my sever’s is around 40 ms. However, no accessibility from China.


Google photos now allows image resolution up to 16 Megapixel, in my case, I use 4800*3200 images. Perfect resolution and infinite capacity. On the other hand, my sever volume is 100 GB.

3.Viewer experience

Linked images from google photos will down scale to the right size to the screen. But in RSS feeds all the linked images can not be seen. It is a big problem.


The google photos address may invalid or change. It happened in my Tokyo motor show 2013 post. My own sever images will stay there unless the sever brakes.


1.Google photo Link, 11 pressure ratio, original 9131 KB, 4700*3200 pixel

2.Google photo Link, 8 pressure ratio, original 2465 KB, 4800*3200 pixel

3.Sever media, 8 pressure ratio, original 2465 KB, 4800*3200 pixel

image test google8

4.Sever media, 8 pressure ratio, original 2465 KB, 590*394 pixelimage test google8

5.Sever media, 8 pressure ratio, original 552 KB, 1800*1200 pixel

image test 1800 8

6.Sever media, 8 pressure ratio, original 552 KB, 800*533 pixel thumbnail

image test 1800 8 2

At this point, I would like to choose:sever original size: 3000*2000, 1000 pixel wide in post size and google photo 4800*3200.

Powered by plugin: WP Retina 2x to get retina availability, WP Smush to smaller size, Easy FancyBoxEasy FancyBox to display the highest quality photos.

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