SapporoBeer MugitoHop The Glod

In japanese for サッポロ 麦とホップ The gold, does this nice looking beer have a nice taste? SapporoBeer is the top 4 beer making companies in Japan, has a history from 1876, in 2003 became the company named Sapporo. Talk about the MugitoHop The Glod. It is the inexpensive rank beer of Sapporo, about 110Jpy per can. In,…… Continue reading SapporoBeer MugitoHop The Glod


Just for enjoying the music stream at home, I bought another speaker today, Sony SRS-BTV5, a bluetooth panorama speaker.   Since it is the 3rd speaker I bought, of course it should own some special points. First thing first, the price. The SRS-BTV5,  is released on October 2012, yes 2 years ago. The price at…… Continue reading Sony SRS-BTV5

Sony A7 #2

The review of my Sony A7 goes on. After a week of using the camera set, I would talk about some points. The first period of photos are taken in place of Sugamo, Toshima. The nice name of here is ‘the grandma’s paradise’, for a lot of old man goods and a famous temple which…… Continue reading Sony A7 #2


CEATEC is stand for Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies, a Consumer Electronics Show. Maybe not directly for popular user, but combine a lot of advantaged technologies. This time with my research mates, four peoples went to the show together. All photo was taken with Sony A7 + 28-70mm kit lens. The show is located in Makuhari, Chiba. It…… Continue reading CEATEC JAPAN 2014

Sony A7

It came just like I’ve hoped. Finally, I got my Full Frame Camera, no more complain about the camera body (probably). So after the 18th Typhoon at the daytime, I carried the camera and catched some test shoots just before the sunset. Okay, so why the final choice for me is the Sony A7, buy…… Continue reading Sony A7