Just for enjoying the music stream at home, I bought another speaker today, Sony SRS-BTV5, a bluetooth panorama speaker.   Since it is the 3rd speaker I bought, of course it should own some special points. First thing first, the price. The SRS-BTV5,  is released on October 2012, yes 2 years ago. The price at…… Continue reading Sony SRS-BTV5

Sony A7 #2

The review of my Sony A7 goes on. After a week of using the camera set, I would talk about some points. The first period of photos are taken in place of Sugamo, Toshima. The nice name of here is ‘the grandma’s paradise’, for a lot of old man goods and a famous temple which…… Continue reading Sony A7 #2


CEATEC is stand for Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies, a Consumer Electronics Show. Maybe not directly for popular user, but combine a lot of advantaged technologies. This time with my research mates, four peoples went to the show together. All photo was taken with Sony A7 + 28-70mm kit lens. The show is located in Makuhari, Chiba. It…… Continue reading CEATEC JAPAN 2014

Sony A7

It came just like I’ve hoped. Finally, I got my Full Frame Camera, no more complain about the camera body (probably). So after the 18th Typhoon at the daytime, I carried the camera and catched some test shoots just before the sunset. Okay, so why the final choice for me is the Sony A7, buy…… Continue reading Sony A7